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Professional & Affordable land surveyors in Wollongong and Sydney. Highly precise and accurate surveying services.


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Welcome to MCS Surveyors — the trusted experts in land surveying services. Our land surveying services include boundary survey, detail survey, and contour and construction surveys as well as utility location and other preparatory services.

Our land surveyors gather important information that is imperative to your project’s success. We pride ourselves in the quality of work and output of our preparation and delivery and are a go-to local team that can be relied on during your initial development phase. With over 30 years’ combined experience in land surveying services in Australia, we guarantee that MCS Surveyors can lay the support for your next project.

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How We Can Help

To make sure that other project professionals including engineers and architects have the relevant details needed to complete their scope, the MCS Surveyors team collect and report on all relevant information within the local area.

All work is completed and signed off by a fully qualified and registered surveyor.

We pride ourselves on our lightning-fast turnaround time


Utility Locating Surveys

A Utility Locating Survey is the process of identifying and marking public utility mains and private connections that are underground. These services may include lines for telecommunications, electricity, natural gas, fuel lines, cable television, fiber optics, traffic signals, street lights, storm water drainpipes, water mains, and sewer pipes.

MCS Surveyors provide 3D DWG Drawings.

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Surveying Services In Wollongong

Construction - Formwork, Bolts, Concrete, Monitoring High Rise Construction
Monitoring Surveys (Levelling)
GPS Machine Guidance Systems
Volume Surveys (EOM Surveys)
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Safety Commitment

MCS is committed to the protection and well being of the people, communities and environments in which we work. MCS has adopted zero workplace injures. Health and safety of our employees, contractors, clients and communities are most important for achieving professional excellence and trading sustainability.

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Our 30 years of combined experience in this industry has allowed us to consistently provide the best survey services to our clients for their residential, commercial, civil, and industrial properties in Sydney & Wollongong. Get in touch today for free preliminary advice and quote.

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